"Why Won't They Leave Us in Peace?"

The ancient hatred, the hatred everyone thought was gone forever, is back with a vengeance.  And many among `Am Yisra'el are utterly at a loss to explain it.  This wasn't supposed to happen.  We've had the "enlightenment."  The "Age of Reason."  The French Revolution.  Separation of church and state.  Democracy.  Brotherhood Week.  If I had a Hammer.  Tolerance.  Pluralism.  Multiculturalism.  Detente.  I'm OK you're OK.  All religions are equal.  All points of view are equally valid.  One god is as good as another (Thomas Jefferson said so!).  Holocaust museums.  Education.  Even a "Hebrew-speaking Portugal" in the Holy Land complete with a Hellenistic, western-style multiparty parliamentary democracy that guarantees "gay rights" and cherishes the quaint, "indigenous" anti-Semites who've been squatting there for the past few centuries.

Wasn't that supposed to solve everything?  What went wrong?

Nothing went wrong.  Because HaShem, the Absolute L-rd and Ruler of the Universe, will not allow any of these wrong-headed plans to work.  He will not be "tolerated."  He will not be placed in a pantheon with the false "gxds" of the nations of the world.  And that's what this is all about.  It isn't about noses, or banks, or any of the ridiculous things we've been told it is.  It's about HaShem, the True G-d.  Many Jews are trying to settle down comfortably among the nations of the earth while leaving Him out of the equation.  And He will not be left out.

The evil ones among the nations of the earth hate the Jews because they represent the objective, true universal G-d Who must triumph over all falsehood and over all the local "blood and soil" derived idols dreamed up by the imaginations of men.  And no matter how tolerant Jews are they will always be recognized by the nations as what they are--the enemy of all false "gxds" who will one day overthrow them all and impose the Kingdom of the One True G-d on the world.  And the more Jews scream about "tolerance" and about how they're the only religion in the world that doesn't care what anyone else believes (as if such a thing would be something to boast about even if it were true!) the harder the nations will try to destroy them in order to prevent the triumph of the True G-d.

The same goes for the constant hue and cry that the Jews scheme to rule the world.  How do Jews respond?  "Where did you ever get that idea?  We have no such ambition!  We don't believe anyone should rule over anyone."  Then they go back to reading Nishmat Kol Chay in the prayerbook.  How can the priestly people of the One True G-d not have ruling the world as their goal?  What did G-d choose them for in the first place?  Perhaps HaShem created the universe as a wind up toy and then sent it spinning with no plans for it whatsoever?  "Look, He's gone now!  Time for democracy, folks!"  But at any rate, the harder Jews try not to rule the world, the more they are accused of doing so.

And now, in this perhaps final hour of history, the same old solutions that have never worked before are being trotted out as the answer.  All the world needs is more "tolerance."  "Democracy" in the Arab world will solve all problems.  ADL-style "tolerance" education for the French will solve all problems.  Or George W. Bush will solve all problems.  Or John Kerry will solve all problems.  And then one day this old world will be full of democracy, tolerance, pluralism, and McDonald's, and the world can settle down comfortably with all its rainbow differences and get back to pretending that HaShem doesn't exist.

Why is HaShem missing from all the suggestions about what to do?  Why is His Name never mentioned once the prayerbook or the Talmud has been closed?  Why is everyone--liberals, conservatives, Orthodox Jews, Fundamentalist chr*stians--acting as if there were any solution other than the triumph of the One True G-d?  Why is everyone ragging on the moslems for wanting to impose "theocracy??"  And why are moslems the only people on earth who want to impose a "theocracy???"

And now Israel's conservative friends are offering their own solutions.  Their solutions are very different from those of the liberals (world capitalism, American hegemony, "religion" as a utilitarian social restraint, a "chr*stian America," etc.).  But these solutions have one thing in common with the liberal ones.  They leave out HaShem.  And HaShem will not allow anyone of any ideology to leave Him out of the picture.

So as long as everyone else is offering their "solutions" to the problem whose continued existence no one can explain, I might as well try my hand at it.  I mean, this is my web site, right?

So here it is: HaShem has decreed as an eternal Law of the Universe that Israel, as a nation that shall dwell apart, will never, ever, ever, ever be allowed to live at peace as merely one more nation among all the others in a world in which HaShem is not universally acknowledged and all false "gxds" have been destroyed.  So all the attempts to create a world in which Israel is accepted among the "family of nations" as a Middle Eastern Hebrew-speaking Poland are useless.  Give it up already.

In other words: duh.

It is a pity that so many Jews--perhaps even most Jews at this point in history--refuse to recognize this plain fact.  They are the chosen people.  Ever wonder what that means?  Well, this is what it means, folks.  You can dislike it all you want to but you can never change it.

Don't believe it?  Well, recall the period of history which was (until the days of Mashiach) Israel's "golden age."  In fact, it was under the reign of the very first Mashiach Ben David (annointed son of David) and coincided with an age of peace and prosperity.  That was the reign of King Solomon.  As tempting as it is to consider Solomon's Israel merely one more member of "the family of nations" of that time, the Sages tell us something very different.  As most know, Solomon was the wisest of all men.  But what many do not know is that Solomon was not merely the ruler of Israel.  He was the ruler of the world.  According to the Sages, Solomon ruled over all mankind, over all beasts, even over all demons.  This is the one and only condition under which a Jewish Medinat Yisra'el can exist in peace.  And I am afraid that the "palaeoconservative" anti-Semites understand this better than most of the Jews and their "friends."  Why else do the "palaeos" instinctively feel that a Jewish state in 'Eretz Kena`an is a greater threat to "European civilization" than a tidal wave of "non-aryan" moslem immigration?  When these vermin scream "the Jewish nation is the enemy of all nations!" (and whisper among themselves that Abraham was a cultural subversive and that Joseph established a "Stalinist" dictatorship in Egypt) they are merely expressing (in their own twisted way) the truth.  For the Jews bear within them the "subversive" truth: that the only "rooted" or "autochthonous" human beings who ever lived were Adam and Eve, who were created from the dust of Mt. Moriah and then brought to gates of Gan 'Eiden in Chevron.  All the other people who have ever lived, or ever will live, are merely their wandering children.  And all "gxds" except the One Who created us in the beginning are false and must be destroyed.

Rootless and cosmopolitan, ain't it?

But at any rate, this is why the vast majority of the rest of the human race hates the Jews and Israel.  They were accusing the Jews of being "enemies of mankind" long, long before chr*stianity with its "deicide" charge ever existed (inconveniently for Jewish liberals who wish to find Jewish purpose in opposition to "theocratic" chr*stianity).  The ancient Greeks accused the Jews of slaugthering and drinking the blood of non-Jews in the Holy Temple, in which (they said) the Jews kept an image of an ass's head.  So unfortunately for Messrs. Foxman, Dershowitz, and their ilk, the abolition of chr*stianity or even of "religion" will not change a thing.  Not a thing in the world.

And unfortunately for Bible-believing people, electing Republicans won't change anything to stem the tide of moral nihilism engulfing the world.  If every elected and appointed official in the United States of America were a Republican, and if every counterpart office in every other country were a member of a similar party, nothing would change.  All these efforts are as doomed as Jewish liberals' attempts to end anti-Semitism by making the world (except for those dah-ling "indigenous pipples") more secular.

There is only one way--one way--to solve the problem of moral decline, anti-Semitism, and violence in the Middle East.  But people who refuse to accept that history is not unending simply will not tolerate hearing it.

All steps must be taken, beginning now, to cleanse the Holy Land of false religions and places of false "worship" in strictest accord with Halakhah, and the way paved for the reinstitution of the Sanhedrion and the rebuilding of the Holy Temple.  There is no other solution.  That anyone who even claims to believe in the True G-d would even think otherwise is absolutely disgusting.

If Orthodox Jews, who are aware of all the halakhot involved, refuse to begin these steps immediately, then perhaps some uneducated but sincere friend of Israel among the Fundamentalist Protestants, who adhere to a false religion and do not understand the importance of adhering to Halakhah, will attempt to "force G-d's hand" (as Willis Carto, curse his name, so fears) by dynamiting the abominations that currently occupy the site of G-d's House.  And such a move, undertaken by someone whose sincere love of HaShem is adulterated with false religion and who rejects the necessity of Halakhah, could have very tragic ramifications indeed.

Then again . . . perhaps G-d brought about Fundamentalist Protestantism precisely to accomplish something Jews would refuse to do when the time came.

Hey . . . it's just a thought!